Kelly Bickett, Agent

Meet Kelly Bickett

I have been a licensed fire and casualty agent since 1991 and have worked at Northern California Insurance Services since January, 1990. I am a licensed advisor for Capital Insurance Group and partnered with CIG in January, 2013 to launch the CIG Shasta County Insurance Center. I have worked with CIG since 1990 and know them to be a strong, stable and competitive insurance company.

I graduated in 1981 from CSU, Chico with a Bachelor’s degree in Social Science. After college, I worked for both the California state legislature and the Washington state legislature. I spent 3 years in Germany working for the Department of the Army in the early 1980s. Upon returning to Redding, I worked briefly for the American Heart Association and Foothill Distributing. I was then hired by my father, Howard Kirkpatrick, to help run the business he started in the 1970s – Northern California Insurance Services. When dad retired in 1997, my sister Pam Severtson and I purchased NCIS.

The success and stability of Northern California Insurance Services has allowed me to expand as an exclusive provider of the exceptional products and services offered by Capital Insurance Group.

School Involvement

I recently retired as President of the Enterprise High School Sports Boosters and spent quite a lot of time raising money for sport programs for our kids. As my kids were growing up, I volunteered in all of their many sports endeavors. I strongly believe parents need to be involved in the activities of their children. It has been a very rewarding and educational experience..

Community Involvement

For the last 10 years or so I have been the President of the Independent Insurance Agents of Shasta County. Our organization serves as a resource for agents in and around Redding.

I have donated time and energy to local political causes and candidates over the years. I believe it is our responsibility to pay attention to how we are governed and by whom; and to make informed decisions before we vote.


I have been married to my husband Curtis for 25 years. We have two sons – Josh and Taylor, a daughter – Kelsey and our “bonus kids” – Anthony and James Williams. All of our kids are officially adults now, but it’s comforting to know they still seek mom’s advice!

My newest title is grandma. Son Josh and daughter-in-law Angela welcomed baby Kaci in 2013. It’s been an exciting time and I look forward to this additional role as well.

Working For You

I’d love for you to stop by to chat and maybe I can help you with your insurance coverages – even the ones you dread. Teenage drivers? I had 4 at the same time, so I know how expensive it can be. Has your insurance company rewarded you with a huge rate increase? Call me to see if I can help.